Seniors? Seniors? Any new upcoming Seniors?

Hey all you high school Juniors out there! Do you know what’s another thing to look forward to, aside from just it being your Senior year — FINALLY!?! Not only do you finally reign over your school but you can also get your Senior photos done!

Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you think “senior photo shoot” are so boring. I mean I can’t blame you. Who wants to stand in a studio next to that fake tree like everyone else from your school? Sadly, yes, that’s how my senior shoot went. Needless to say, I was left with very boring high school senior photos. In fact, I hated mine so much, I didn’t even buy a package. I’m left with just my high school senior yearbook. Hooray… I’m in there a total of 2 times (-_-).

Well enough of that buzzkill, let me introduce you to a new way of taking your senior photos. A whole hour, or more, devoted to just you by David, aka: Kingpin, so that you can remember you high school years not just being as one of the masses from your school, but as the unique you! We’re currently looking for Juniors that are about to be Seniors (so all of you “Year 2013” folks… that’s you!) to join our Senior Collective. By being a member of this elite group of Seniors allows for you to get better deals on your senior shoots and you can even win another photo shoot, a designer book, and even a FREE TRIP TO LONDON!!

Yes… that’s right a photo shoot in London on us. If that’s not worth it, I don’t know what is. If you’re interested, send me an email and ask about our Senior Collective. I’ll be sure to shoot you an email back with all the information that you need.

2013 The Real Collective

Don’t settle for this (Sorry JP) as your senior picture. Let Real 2 Reel give you that experience that lasts a life time as we capture the real you.

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It’s not too late to be romantic…

Although it’s been a couple days past Valentines Day, it’s not too late to be romantic. Today our Living Social Deal is on sale. Just for $69 from Living Social, you can get a 1-hour photo shoot, a limo ride to the shoot locations, and $20 off dinner at Blue Fin. When you also sign up for a package, we’ll throw in a FREE canvas wrap upgrade to your large print!!

If you miss that,we still have our “Best Date Night Ever” deal, from our web you can have a 1-hour photo shoot, with a limo ride to all the locations and 20% off on your dinner at the Downtown Bangkok Alley.

Don’t end up in the doghouse just because you might have forgotten Valentines Day. Make up for it!

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announcing the senior class of 2011

It’s that time of year again…seems like it’s always “that time of year” huh?

Well, it is—time to think about ordering your senior graduation announcements! At Real 2 Reel, we pride ourselves on having unique announcements that will set you apart from your classmates! We design each special for YOU. So, if you’ve had your senior pictures taken with us at Real 2 Reel, be sure to check out our early special on graduation announcements:

We’re already selling fast, so be sure and order yours today before it’s too late. Here’s an example of one I just designed this morning:

Like what you see? Need some announcements? Call us at 901.746.9381 for more information, or to order yours today!

keepin’ it real,


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a gift from me

I believe I mentioned a while ago that I was planning on offering templates for some of my senior album designs. Well, I have finally found the time to convert some of my designs into easily editable templates!

If you’re a photographer, but aren’t exactly design savvy, we are offering two separate templates for senior album design—one for guys and one for girls. With each, you’ll get 15 layered PSD files: one cover design and 14 album spreads (only 10 spreads are required for a full album). Each file is sized to fit WHCC’s 10×10 layflat album, but can be easily altered for other labs—just be sure and check the bleeds and sizes.

Other features include: clipping masks (for frames/photos), editable quotes (fonts not included, but the names are given), easily editable color schemes AND elements for the graduating classes of 2011, 2012 AND 2013. It only requires minimal Photoshop knowledge to turn these into your own custom designer albums!

Here are some examples of the files and what they look like with photos placed into them:

For a full gallery of the guy’s senior templates, visit HERE.

For a full gallery of the girl’s senior templates, visit HERE.

For more information, please dowload a PDF of our terms of use. If you’re interested, give us a call at 901.746.9381 to order your templates today! You can also email me with any questions at

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last minute Valentine

For those who don’t know (men, I’m talking mostly to you), Valentine’s Day is a little more than three weeks away. That gives you approximately two and half weeks to go out and get a great card before they’re all picked over and you’re left with only the super sappy ones or the ones supposedly from the cat or dog.

Side note: who wants to receive a Valentine’s card from their cat or dog? Nope, no boyfriend this year, but I did get a card from my cat…? Um, no.

Back to the point. Valentine’s Day. Presents. Do you know what you’re getting your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband? Don’t worry—Real 2 Reel has the procrastinators covered. We’re offering up two separate deals this V-day.

Deal number one: for $65, you’ll get a gift card (already wrapped) to present to your significant other that is redeemable (post Feb. 14th) for one of Real 2 Reel’s new date nights—a one hour couples photo shoot with limo ride and 20% off dinner at Bangkok Alley, complete with a reservation made by yours truly.

Deal number two: for $200, you can book an appointment on the weekend of Valentine’s Day—Friday thru Monday, first come, first serve—for a special date night. Like the former, you’ll receive a one hour couples photo shoot with limo ride in downtown Memphis and a dinner reservation, but for Valentine’s Weekend appointments, we’re also throwing in a $50 gift card to Bangkok Alley to pay for dinner. Plus, when you come back to view your pictures a couple days later, we’ll offer you 50% off any portrait package!

Sorry, but these offers are for couples only, no cats or dogs :)

And, like I said, it’s first come, first serve for Valentine’s weekend, so call 901.746.9381 to reserve your appointment today. Spots are limited!

keepin’ it real,


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collecting seniors

I’m back on the mainland.

And for those of you who were wondering, Maui was amazing. Thanks for asking. Know what wasn’t amazing? Coming back to Memphis to snow…AND my Colts are out of the playoffs…but enough about me.

It’s a new year, which means new seniors; we start recruiting early for our “Real Collective” senior ambassador program. If you’re part of the class of 2012 and already wondering about where to get your senior pictures taken, give us a call and you could represent Real 2 Reel for your school. Plus, it could save your parents a lot of money on pictures. It’s a win win, really. To learn more about it, go here or email me a request for our collective booklet.

In the meantime, I’ll give you a glimpse from two of our latest senior shoots—guys like pictures, too.

Check back soon for our special on senior graduation announcemnets for the class of 2011!

keepin’ it real,


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winter date nights

Two days in a row—Dave’s being lenient!

I mentioned yesterday about how our schedules have been full of families, but couples have also been keeping us busy. Even with the cold weather, couples have been taking advantage of our date night special. We’ll be revamping and changing it up a little after the New Year, so be sure and check back to learn more about it. Until then, here are some excerpts from two of our latest couple shoots. I had a hard time narrowing them down, so it’s going to be picture heavy like yesterday!

From all of us at Real 2 Reel, we wish you a happy holidays and a great New Year! Oh, and did I mention I’ll be lounging on the beach in Hawaii next week? Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to fill you in on how great it is when I get back!

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in the sweat shop

It has been 41 days since my last post. Why? Because Dave has had me making holiday cards in the sweatshop that he hid in the back of our studio. He let me out temporarily to get some lunch.

No, I’m kidding—I don’t get a lunch break.

Seriously, though, we’ve had a lot of family photo sessions lately—which means a ton of holiday card designs for me. Translation? We’ve been BUSY. But, as the holiday season dies down, I should have plenty more time to catch up and fill you in on all the awesome pictures we’ve taken of families this season. Until then, here’s a little preview (if you didn’t catch the sarcasm implied by those italics, this is about to get a little picture heavy):

For my New Year’s holiday, I’m heading off to Hawaii with my sister for the wedding of one of my dearest friends. I’ll try and post at least once more before I board my plane, but be sure and check back in 2011 for some more great family photos, specials for senior graduation announcements and more about how you can become part of “The Real Collective” for the senior class of 2012!

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green everywhere

The weather lately has been crazy. The estimated high for today is 80⁰. It’s the second week in November—how is that possible? I mean, the leaves haven’t even changed, yet. We usually take fall pictures in October, early November, that show all the colors of fall…well, not this year. This year, the trees are still green. In November. So, we’ve had to make do with the green trees for our fall pictures this year. Who knows, maybe they’ll change by Christmas.

Considering I’ve gone way off topic, I’ll get back to the point of this post…showing you a preview from one of our latest date night shoots. We may not have had fall leaves, but Harbortown still looked pretty—green trees and all. Also, Eddie’s a firefighter, so we thought that’d be a perfect place for one of the locations.

Want your own date night? Call 901.746.9381 to book today!

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job security

The best thing about our senior album design is that we take your images and design books for THEM. We don’t just plop pictures into templates. If that were the case, all our albums would be the same and anyone could do my job—Dave’s little dog Moo-Moo could do my job.

Well, guess what? I have job security—no fear of Moo-Moo taking over, here.

Each album is different. Each is unique. Each is created by me, for YOU. And just because I’m in a good mood today, I’m going to show you some pages from my latest senior book.

Meet Meredith:

I may have already mentioned this, but we are starting to fill up our spots for our Senior Collective for the class of 2012. Want to represent Real 2 Reel for your school? Call us at 901.746.9381 for more information or to learn how you can save your parents money on some great senior pictures.

We’re also still taking pictures for the class of 2011, so if you haven’t had your senior photo session, yet, call us at 901.746.9381 to set up your appointment today!

keepin’ it real,


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