family time

Meet Susan and Zach—parents extraordinaire—and their children Otis and Margie.

Otis and Margie were probably the most well-behave children Kristen and I have ever photographed.

See how I added me in there? Technically, I didn’t TAKE the pictures…but I held the light, so I should get some credit, right? Details, details…

This family was adorable and we got some great candid shots down by the river and over at the railroad tracks near our studio.

They’re another family who received the family special with holiday cards. So, look for yours in the mail!

To book a family photo session, call Real 2 Reel at 901.746.9381 today!

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family is family

Melody and CJ visited Kristen and me during the River Arts Fest a couple of weeks ago. And—because we’re awesome—we talked up our current family promotion, which is a family photo session with 25 Holiday cards for only $100.

For their family shoot, we met them and their adorable dog at Memorial Park. I’m thinking Oahu got a little too excited by marking his territory in the spot we were about to shoot. But, family is family, so we still let him be in the pictures—just a couple feet over.

If you’re friends of the Tyus family, be sure to look out for your Holiday card in the mail. If Melody and CJ’s pictures are any indication, their holiday cards are going to be pretty awesome.

To book your own family photo session, call us at 901.746.9381 today!

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rinse and repeat

Many of our customers have been making our date nights their own. Example? Marie and Eric, who decided to leave the baby with the babysitter so they could enjoy a birthday date night, just the two of them. They even ended the night by catching a showing of Wicked at the Orpheum after their dinner at Bluefin.

The bonus? We’ll definitely being seeing them again—they booked another shoot to include their four month old, Ayden (yeah, I know…how awesome does Marie look for just having a baby?).

And, oh yeah…Happy Birthday Eric!

Need an escape from the children? Book your own date night with Real 2 Reel by calling 901.746.9381 today!

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job perks

Last week, Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte played a small show at Republic Coffee for Q 107.5. Wade Odum from Tatco Design, who’s a friend of Dave’s, called us up to come shoot some pictures for it.

I’m not going to lie—this job has its perks.

We even got one of Dave, just to show you how cool he is :)


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It’s a date!

Date nights are filling up our weekend nights rather quickly. Here’s an excerpt from the latest:

Want to book your own date night? Call us at 901.746.9381 before all our spots fill up!

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on the road again

Though Real 2 Reel is based in Memphis, every once in a while we’ll travel a little ways for a shoot—especially if asked nicely. Earlier in the summer, we followed a senior and her family to Heber Springs for part of her senior photo shoot. Shortly after that, we traveled to Texas to capture a wedding for a customer Dave took senior pictures of years back.

Most recently, we drove to Searcy, AR, for Peyton’s senior pictures. I think he has perfected the “serious” look. What do you think?

But, don’t worry—we got him to smile a few times. I even have proof.

We’re about to start filling up our senior collective spots for the class of 2012. Interested? Call us at 901.746.9381 for more information.

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giveaway galore

We’ve been super busy in the last week or two, getting ready for the River Arts Fest that took over South Main this past weekend. Thanks to all those who came out and visited, especially during the downpour of rain we received Sunday.

That being said, you’ll have to bear with me as I post a couple blogs back to back. I’m a little behind—so sue me.

Truc was one of our Q 107.5 Date Night winners, proving that people really DO win those giveaways :)

While the Date Night giveaway is no longer going on, Q 107.5 is holding another giveaway. Submit your cheesiest family photo and win a free family photo session from Real 2 Reel AND an 11×14 print from your shoot! We want CHEESY—no cute little snapshots are going to do the job. Remember, we like to laugh. The harder the laughs, the higher your chances of winning!

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we go back

One of our latest couples that we took out on a date night happens to be the parents of a good friend of mine that I’ve known since I was little. My friend’s father, Gene, Facebooked me around a month ago inquiring about Real 2 Reel‘s date night that he had seen numerous times on my wall. He was interested about booking one for his wife, Allison, on her birthday.

I’m not going to lie. My initial thought was, “Christine’s dad is on Facebook?” But, I blame that on my own father’s apparent allergic reaction to anything remotely related to the internet. He still won’t give my sister or me his email address. If he didn’t need it for work, I’m fairly confident he wouldn’t know what an email was..and really, I’m just going on and on because I highly doubt he knows how to find this blog on the great world wide web in order to actually read this. (Just in case—love you Daddy).

Back to the point— I have this great new job and I love showing it off to everyone, especially people I know. Yeah, I know. I’m a little biased. Gene and Allison did take some great pictures, though!

Want to book your own date night? Call 901.746.9381 today!

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surprise date night

Our date nights are really taking off, filling up our weekend slots quicker than we expected. I’ll try and post as many recaps as I can…but I apologize in advance if your date night doesn’t make it up on the blog. We’ve been super busy, so I can’t get to everyone’s. But I’ll try—I’m awesome like that.

So, Nathan surprised his girlfriend, Rachel, with a date night last weekend. They were one of the sweetest, most genuine couples we’ve had so far. It was hard to pick which of their images to use for the blog because they were all so great—VERY photogenic couple.

Have you heard about Real 2 Reel’s date nights? Visit our web site HERE to learn more and call 901.746.9381 to book!

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baby blues

I know I’ve mentioned we do more book design than just seniors and weddings.

Baby books are another great seller. So, I thought I’d show an example…the adorable Cameron.

Looking for a maternity or newborn photographer? Call us @ 901.746.9381 to ask about our baby plans or to book your session!

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